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JingleTV is a media company providing music for film, visual and interactive content across online, mobile, social media and TV.


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About JingleTV

JingleTV is an established and well respected creative music production company. We compose and produce a wide array of music and audio for fully entegrated multimedia projects such as TV commercials, feature films, radio spots and artists. We have the relevant skills and talent to produce creative songs and melodies with a very high standard.

Our main goal is to create stunning sound for advertising, feature film, game and television industries. We experienced that without a strong artistic backround, it is impossible to get the quality you desire with in tight deadlines. Members of JingleTV are highly experienced in their duties. More importantly, JingleTV refuses to be shackled by tradition and constantly remains on the lookout for creative outlets for its ideas and beliefs. Unlike others in the market who set out on a traditional path, ours is to produce more powerful than ever before.



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We're proud to have produced tracks receiving millions of views on Youtube and streams on Spotify.


Feature Films | Commercials | Series | Artists

New Artistic Force

As you can see from the portfolio, our team has a strong experience of composing songs in multiple industries. Since we have spent time working for multiple clients, our composers have been able to build strong and consistent music compositions across many different genres – whether that be cinematic orchestral songs, electronic or folk-based songs, pop songs or experimental, to name a few.


In short, we all work for different music composers from different industries all around the world.





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Our company is constantly on the lookout for ways to help our clients reach their potential through our music.